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Writing a Blog Post

This page shows you how to submit a post for the Kubernetes Blog.

You’ll receive a response within 5 business days on whether your submission is approved and information about next steps, if any.

Before you begin

To create a new blog post, you can either:


Kubernetes Blog guidelines

All content must be original. The Kubernetes Blog does not post material previously published elsewhere.

Suitable Content (with examples):

Unsuitable Content:

Create a blog post with a form

Open the Kubernetes Blog Submission form, fill it out, and click Submit.

Create a post by opening a pull request

Add a new Markdown file

Add a new Markdown (*.md) to /blog/_posts/.

Name the file using the following format:

For example:

Add front matter to the file

Add the following block to the top of the new file:

layout: blog
title: <title>
date:  <date>

For example:

layout: blog
title: Welcome to the Kubernetes Blog!
date:  Saturday, March 20, 2015

Create a new pull request (PR)

When you create a new pull request, include the following in the PR description:

  • Desired publishing date Note: PRs must include complete drafts no later than 15 days prior to the desired publication date.

Add content to the file

Write your post using the following guidelines.

Add images

Add any image files the post contains to /static/images/blog/.

The preferred image format is SVG.

Add the proposed date of your blog post to the title of any image files the post contains:


For example:


Please use [reference-style image links][ref-style] to keep posts readable.

Here’s an example of how to include an image in a blog post:

Check out the ![CNCF logo][cncf-logo].

[cncf-logo]: /images/blog/2018-03-01-cncf-color.svg


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