Documentation for Kubernetes v1.11 is no longer actively maintained. The version you are currently viewing is a static snapshot. For up-to-date documentation, see the latest version.

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Localizing Kubernetes Documentation

We’re happy to add localizations (l10n) of Kubernetes documentation to the website!

Localizations must meet the following requirements for workflow (how to localize) and output (what to localize).


All l10n work must be stored and tracked within the Kubernetes organization.

Basis for localizations

Localizations must source from the English files for the most recent major release.

Note: To find the most recent release’s documentation source files: 1. Navigate to 2. Select the release-1.X branch for the most recent version.

For example, the branch for Kubernetes v1.9 docs is `release-1.9`.
Source files reside in the /docs/ directory.


A l10n team will have a repository specifically dedicated to its work, for example: kubernetes/kubernetes-docs-cn.

Note: To open a l10n repository, contact the SIG docs lead on Slack for assistance.


Teams must track their overall progress with a GitHub project.

Projects must include columns for: - To do - In progress - Done

For example: the Chinese localization project.

Team function

L10n teams must provide a single point of contact: the name and contact information of a person who can respond to or redirect questions or concerns.

L10n teams must provide their own repository maintainers.

All l10n work must be self-sustaining with the team’s own resources.

Wherever possible, every localized page must be approved by a reviewer from a different company than the translator.

Upstream contributions

Upstream contributions are welcome and encouraged!

For the sake of efficiency, limit upstream contributions to a single pull request per week, containing a single squashed commit.


All localizations must include the following documentation at a minimum:

Description URLs
Home All heading and subheading URLs
Setup All heading and subheading URLs
Tutorials Kubernetes Basics, Hello Minikube

What's next

Once a l10n meets requirements for workflow and minimum output, SIG docs will:

Note: Implementation of language selection is pending Kubernetes’ first completed localization project.


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